The Players So Far

Who are the people involved?

The Victim and the Killer

It’s important to gain an understanding of the victim and killer in this case. The chart below outlines the name, age, education, profession, residence, and current disposition of each individual involved in the case so far.

The Victim

The Killer

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Willie L. Honable, Jr.

(AKA Will or Kaos)


Monserrat Carrillo-Castilla

(AKA Navi, Monzi, or Monsey Zooey)






Graduated from Tokay High School (Lodi, CA) & completed an upholstery apprenticeship


Graduated from Thurgood Marshall High School (Missouri City, Texas)


CEO, Producer, & Artist for Bare Face Records


Self-Proclaimed “Feminist”; Local Rock Band Groupie; Web Cam Girl; Stripper; Escort


25622 Ellerbe Springs Lane Katy, Texas


intown-suitesIntown Suites (Extended-Stay Living)


Deceased; Victim was discovered in a pool of blood on his couch with multiple gunshot wounds to his head and torso and his pockets were turned inside out.

Items Stolen by the Killer:

  • Victim’s Custom Breitling for Bentley Watch


  • Cash on the Victim’s Person
  • Car in Victim’s Possession: Cream Colored Chrysler 300


  • Additional Items (Yet to be Disclosed to the Public)

Final: Victim was murdered and robbed by the Killer.


Incarcerated; Killer states that she and a friend were picked up from the Intown Suites and “hung out” at the Victim’s residence.

Killer states that Victim showed them rooms in his home and “offered to pimp them out.”

Killer states that she later received a text message from her friend stating that the Victim had raped her.

Killer states she returned to Victim’s house alone, offered the Victim a massage on his couch, and then shot him in his head with a 9mm gun.

Final: Killer is incarcerated; bond initially set at $200,000; bond reduced by Judge Elliot to $125,000 after reviewing evidence that Killer is a flight risk.

Author: justiceforkaos

Chronicling the road to justice for the March 2016 murder and robbery of Will AKA Kaos.

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