Welcome Spring

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Thank you for lighting over 10,000 candles to support #JusticeforKaos. Keep lighting by clicking the candle on the right. Springtime was always one of Will’s favorite seasons.

The stroke of Death is but a kindly frost, Which cracks the shell, And leaves the kernel room To germinate. Death always comes to the poor sufferer as a friend. It comes to lift him out of environments he was no longer able to endure. It is those left behind, those who live in ‘outer darkness,’ who are stung.

Monserrat Carrillo-Castilla has appropriately hired a lawyer that is known for defending war criminals, cop killers, and prosecution hunters… even this will not protect her from the evil deeds she committed and for which she must be held accountable.

We have many updates for you that will be released in due time. Please continue to send us information about this case.

The Truth always comes to light!

Author: justiceforkaos

Chronicling the road to justice for the March 2016 murder and robbery of Will AKA Kaos.

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